DNA - Genetic Testing Services

  Our services are built around the needs of our clients. DNA technology can only be powerful if its uses are identified and pursued with the client in mind. We listen and respond providing service that is relevant, accessible and affordable.

We support personal and professional developments enabling our staff to be the absolute best in what we do.

Description of biological family relationship test are as follows:

   • Trio Paternity Test
   • Motherless Paternity Test
   • Paternity Test with Related AFs
   • Prenatal Paternity Test
   • Post-Mortem Viability Test
   • Maternity Test
   • Grandparentage Test
   • Siblingship Test
   • Genetic Reconstruction
   • Y-STR Test
   • Avuncular Test
   • Twin Zygosity Test
   • DNA Banking and Profiling
   • Detection Services

Services are available on-site or in your home or office.

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